What’s Next?

There are several projects coming up. I’ll list them in the order I’ll be working on them. Right…

Project #1 – A cookbook. Really, a cookbook. I found a bunch of my grandmother’s recipes and I’ll be putting them up with some acerbic…errr…helpful comments. Pay no attention to my last name, I’m Italian. The recipes are Italian. I’ll tell them as if I was back in South Philly telling the neighbor how to do it. It’s tentatively called Cooking South Philly Style and will feature great recipes and epic sarcasm.

Project #2 – Book Three of the Huntress series entitled The Broken King. Another volume of fantasy featuring one of the most tragic heroines to ever cross the pages of a book. Anybody that wants to see why she’s so tragic, just ask and I’ll send you a free copy of the first book, The Last Ranger of Sarn. All I ever ask for free copies is an honest review in exchange.

Project #3 – A crime drama about a small, innocuous psychological disorder, narcissism. Only problem is, it’s just the tip of the iceberg in Darla Givens’ world. When she’s right, she’ll prove it even if it kills you. The tentative title for the book is Foremost Authority or Absolute Authority. Doing some research into it now.

Project #4 – A prequel to my Free People Trilogy. The title is Clans: The Early Days of the Free People. It will tell the full story of their creation, their battles against each other and the Slavers and finally, their war with Andaria featuring the Battle of Var. It will bring the readers up to the start of the great peace before Fire At Dawn begins.

Project #5 – Forgotten Treasure 2. I’ve got a collection of more poetry and short stories to share. I just need to organize and finish a couple of the shorts.

Project #6 – Rewrite for Crime Scene. It’s a great story, but the use of dual first person perspectives makes it confusing. At least that’s what I hear. So I’ll be rewriting it to feature an omni perspective for everybody except the MC. He will speak directly to the reader. Maybe…I dunno…I’m soooooo confused on this. Maybe I’ll try my hand at a screenplay.

Generally, I’ll work on more than one thing at a time. So this insane list isn’t really so bad. Plus, if my muse says that she wants to go somewhere else, I have no choice but to follow. What gets done, gets done. I never promise anything until I’m sure she’s ready to go. Once the story starts, the characters usually tell me what to write.


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