Talk to Me Damnit!

I love answering questions for readers. If you write, you will get a reply for sure. So write. Ask me stuff. Hell, if I don’t know the answer, I’ll research it. I’ll do your homework for you…well maybe not. Anyway, here are the millions of ways to contact me… – my website. You can join the members area and get a newsletter with facts and fun about upcoming stuff. – my Facebook author’s page. You can see whimsical posts with cute pictures… when I’m not on a maniacal rant of course. – OK, I admit I don’t Twitter enough…jeez, that sounds like something you only should say to a doctor as he’s putting on the rubber gloves…but I do get notices and look every one over. – Yes, I pin. Often. So go check out my pins. It’s almost like a magical ride through the worst streets in my brain. – My Google+ page. Stop by and pull me into a circle. I’m made for circles! I swear it! – My Smashwords profile page. You can look over all of my books & projects and even read an interview. – My Goodreads page. If you don’t belong to this site and you enjoy reading, shame on you. Get there and check it out. – My Linkedin page. Makes me look very professional y’know…almost like a chimp in a tuxedo. – My Tumbler page. Come there and join me, I need lots of people there.

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