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I'm a writer, preferably epic fantasy although I have written in other genres. I'm a father which means I'm a lunatic juggling between writing, animal rights activism and spending far too much time playing Warcraft.

Author Spotlight – Ed Ireland

Timothy Bateson (ramblings of an author)

Introducing Ed Ireland

Ed Ireland was born in Philadelphia in 1954. In January of 1955, the hospital he was born in was torn down. Presumably, they didn’t want anything like that happening ever again.
In 1972 he joined the military where his wanderlust surfaced. He has called many places home while on his way to his current place in Miami. He claims his penchant for wandering is now at an end here in the shadows of Hemingway.
On the personal side of his life, he is a rabid Philadelphia Eagles fan, a self-confessed video game addict and a proud supporter of wildlife issues.

Why don’t you begin by sharing a little about yourself.

Well, I’m the very proud father of 2. I enjoy gardening, cooking, and photography. I despise writing, but you know, the voices won’t let it rest. I wish I could say I was one of those precocious…

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Amazon Reviews…why?


March 29, 2017

Why do writers love an Amazon review?

5 reviews prove to the writer that people have actually read their work.

10 reviews and other readers believe that the book is worth a peek.

20 reviews and the writer now believes in their own work.

50 reviews and both the writer and the readers join up, go down the pub, and drink copious amounts of alcohol.

100 reviews and the magic flows. The dragons fly in the fan mail every day, the imps open it and deal with all the messages of adoration, and the elves organize the never ending party before promoting their own website called, ‘You call, we answer, we fly anywhere, anytime, 24/7.’

If you want the magic of words to captivate you, please leave a review for all your favorite authors.


Taken liberally from Rick Haynes, author and drabblist!

Check his site out @

In all honesty, reviews are so very important to a writer. No matter how good a book may be, without reviews it just sits there, eventually withering away. If you took the time to read a book, please take a few moments more and put in a review at Amazon. Those few moments might just be a deciding factor in the fate of that book.

Simply enter the book title at and put in your review. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Any kind words will do. Sample; “I read Thisbook by Thatguy and I really liked it!” Done! Takes maybe a few seconds to write and it could bring a lifetime of joy to a writer. And on my part, even bad reviews are welcomed. You didn’t like the book? Tell me why and maybe I can fix it.

A review is simply put, a thank you to a writer for giving you a bit of pleasure. You tip doormen, waitresses and government officials…why not writers?

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So Who really Killed JFK?

With my re-release of Crime Scene, I came across this interesting bit of news and thought I might share it. For all of you that wonder what really did happen…

Who Really Assassinated JFK?

Updated on October 10, 2016
President Kennedy Was Killed That Day and America Changed Forever
President Kennedy Was Killed That Day and America Changed Forever

If You Were Alive at the Time, You Remember That Day in Dallas

Yes, if you were alive that day November 22, 1963 you remember where you were at, and what was going on, when you heard that the president had been shot. I was with my family at Winn Dixie in Jacksonville, Florida at the time. They announced over the loudspeaker that the president had been shot and then just a few minutes later, as we were standing at the checkout, they announced that the president had died in Dallas. I remember looking across the checkout aisles and people were crying in line. The lady checking out my mom was crying and so was my Mom. America changed that day. It has never been the same and never will be. Who really shot Kennedy? It’s always been a question asked by people all over the world. I think that the US government knows the truth and has kept it hidden. It is my belief that Oswald did not shoot anyone. A recent photo has come out of Oswald watching the motorcade. If he was, he could not have possibly shot anyone.

We don’t know how many have died because of what they knew about the Kennedy assassination. I think that the American people have the right to know the truth about who killed him. I, for one, will always wonder about what happened that day in Dallas and in the days that followed.

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

John Fitzgerald Kennedy born May 17th, 1917 was the 35th president of the United States. He was also the youngest man to ever be elected president. Kennedy served from 1960 until his death in 1963. His brother, Robert, was later assassinated and his son John Jr. later died in a plane crash.

Some very important events in history occurred during his time in office. Among them was the Bay Of Pigs, the Cuban Missile Crisis, the building of the Berlin Wall and the start of the Space Race. Recently there has been much speculation that Fidel Castro may have been involved in the murder.

President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963 and Lee Harvey Oswald was charged with the murder and was subsequently killed by Jack Ruby two days later. Ruby later died in prison of cancer and may have been ordered to snuff Oswald to cover up the fact that he was innocent.

The Warren Commission ruled that Oswald acted alone. However in 1979, the House Committee ruled that it was likely that a conspiracy did exist and that he did not act alone.

And we also now have photos showing Oswald standing in the doorway of the Book Depository when Kennedy was shot. If he was in that doorway when the shots were fired, then he was innocent.

If it’s proven that it is him in that photo, then the American people have been told a lie all these years and the people who carried out this crime need to be brought to justice.

The Zapruder Film: Truth or Deception?

Oswald Did Not Shoot Kennedy

If the photo below can be believed then Oswald did not shoot John F. Kennedy. He could not have. If the photo is real then Oswald was standing downstairs when the deadly shots rang out.

Multiple Theories Arose

If Oswald was not the shooter, then there was indeed a conspiracy. Recently it has become public knowledge that Oswald and Jack Ruby probably did know each other before any of the events happened. If so, then it is very likely that he was what he claimed to be all along, a patsy. Oswald was set up and Ruby was sent in to kill him and keep him silent. Some people theorized that Oswald would be killed by the police or secret service and would never stand trial. But when he was arrested he had to be eliminated and Ruby, who had deep connections to the mafia, was ordered in to kill him.

It is looking more and more possible that Louisiana’s New Orleans District Attorney Garrison was right on track and that possibly quite possibly the U.S. Government and the Mafia were in on the plot to kill John F. Kennedy.

The American people deserve to know the truth about what happened in Dallas on that cold November afternoon all those years ago. They have a right to know who killed Jack Kennedy. If Oswald did not pull the trigger, then who did?

  • Was it a team of snipers that killed him, while Oswald watched from the doorway, when he was supposed to be upstairs shooting the President?
  • And when he was taken into custody, instead of being killed, was Jack Ruby ordered to go in and kill Oswald to keep the truth from ever coming out?
  • If all of this went on, is it so far fetched to believe that President Johnson may have indeed been behind the murder? Maybe that is the reason that Bobby Kennedy, and later John Jr., were killed. They were killed to keep the truth hidden.

And in recent years, it has been theorized that possibly Fidel Castro was behind the murder of all three of the Kennedy’s. Maybe the operation that was started to kill Castro was turned back on Kennedy. Maybe our president was killed on his orders.

What Do I Think?

I think that all three Kennedy’s were killed on the orders of President Johnson and others. I think Bobby Kennedy and later John Jr. were killed to keep the truth hidden from the American public. I think America was changed forever on that November afternoon in Dallas. I would love to see the truth to come out about the murder but I just don’t know if the truth will ever come out.

Recently Released Photo Showing Oswald in Doorway During the JFK Presidential Motorcade When He Was Supposed to Be Shooting the President
Recently Released Photo Showing Oswald in Doorway During the JFK Presidential Motorcade When He Was Supposed to Be Shooting the President

Photos of President John Kennedy (Including Many from the Crime Scene)

Click thumbnail to view full-size

The Kennedys Are Looking Happy In This Photo. The Shots Are About To Be Fired. Notice President Kennedys Hands In This Photo. He Has Just Been Shot In This Photo. A Happy Photo Of President Kennedy And Jackie Kennedy. Photos From The Dead Body Of President Kennedy. A Shot Has Just Been Fired At President Kennedy.In This Photo You Can See Jackie Kennedy. President Kennedy Has Already Been Shot In This Photo.Here The President Has Been Shot And The Limo Is Being Driven To Parkland Hospital. President Kennedy And Jackie Kennedy Before The Shots Were Fired.Here We Have A Photo Taken After The Shots Are Already Being Fired.Jackie Kennedy Getting Out Of The Limo At Parkland Hospital. President Kennedy And Jackie Kennedy Before The Shots Were Fired.In this photo is the bloody back seat where president Kennedy was killed.Again in this photo Oswald Can Be Seen Standing In The Doorway Outside When The Shots Were Fired At The President.President Kennedy And Jackie Kennedy Before The Shots Were Fired.Rear View Of The Presidential Vehicle.
The Kennedys Are Looking Happy In This Photo. The Shots Are About To Be Fired.
The Kennedy’s Are Looking Happy In This Photo. The Shots Are About To Be Fired.

Oswald in Doorway When He Is Supposed to Be Upstairs

There is no doubt in my mind that Lee Oswald is standing there in the doorway of the Book Depository building in the photo above. The American people have been lied to and fed a line of B.S. It’s really a serious crime. We have been lied to by people in the highest levels of the American government, and they thought they could keep us in the dark forever.

Why Is Lee Harvey Oswald in That Doorway?

But now photos of Oswald standing in that doorway are everywhere and if you’re an American citizen you should care. You should be writing to your congress person and senator and asking them what is Lee Harvey Oswald doing in that doorway? You should ask who killed John Kennedy and why is it still being covered up? I really believe that there was a conspiracy and I think that presidents, congressmen, and senators have known the truth and they have gone right along with telling the American people a lie.

As an American Citizen and Former U.S. Naval Officer I’m Seriously Concerned About This, as Should Be Every American Citizen

We were told a story down through the years since the assassination and over the years they have changed the story again and again, as needed. They think we should just forget about it and move on. America was seriously changed that day in Dallas– part of it died.

  • Robert Kennedy and John Kennedy Jr. Were Killed to Cover up This Lie
    I believe that they killed Robert Kennedy to cover up the lie and I believe they also killed John Kennedy Jr. If Ted Kennedy had ever become a serious candidate for president he would have been killed.
  • Lee Harvey Oswald Was Killed to Hide the Continuing Conspiracy
    He was set up to take the blame for killing the president and Ruby was ordered to kill him to prevent a trial in Dallas. It’s not that farfetched to think that Ruby was given an injection of cancer cells to kill him off and keep him silent.
  • Did President Johnson Know Kennedy Was Killed by the U.S. Government?
    I believe that the conspiracy went all the way up to President Johnson and probably included many more people than we realize. I believe that President Johnson was in on the murder of the president and may have even approved the actions. By removing Kennedy, he was able to keep the Vietnam War going and it created billions of dollars of income for companies supplying weapons to the U.S. Government in Vietnam. Johnson would not run for a second term as U.S. President. Did Robert Kennedy threaten to expose Johnson? Is this why Johnson chose to not seek a second term as U.S. President?

Check Out These Photos Carefully

Photos of Lee Harvey Oswald And another photo of Oswald in the doorway of the building.
Photos of Lee Harvey Oswald And another photo of Oswald in the doorway of the building.
You can see Lee Harvey Oswald Standing In The Doorway And If He Was In The Doorway He Could Not Be Shooting President Kennedy
You can see Lee Harvey Oswald Standing In The Doorway And If He Was In The Doorway He Could Not Be Shooting President Kennedy

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So, what happened?

I was browsing through some old music yesterday and came across a recording of Gil-Scott Heron doing a cover of the classic Marvin Gaye song, Inner City Blues. While I listened, smile fixed firmly, I started thinking of the general feel of the world back then.

I have a young cousin whom I believe thinks that his generation has invented social outrage. I think that a lot of his generation think that, just as my generation thought that we invented it. What struck me was the fact that whenever we speak, I find myself sounding more like “the establishment” than the revolutionary I was way back when.

So what happened?

When did I go from screaming “off the pigs!” to becoming a supporter of the police even in these troubling times. When did I change my views on social programs to being the guy yelling for mandatory drug testing for welfare recipients? When did I change my thoughts on the way the penal system is run? More importantly, why did everything change?

Why was I suddenly on the same side as my parents? I have to admit, I was really confused at that point. Then it hit me. The world just got really stupid. Really, really stupid. I’ll show you an example.

In the 60s and 70s, racism was at a peak. Blacks trying to get to be accepted and whites fighting it tooth and nail. But my generation knew how to fix that. We simply accepted each other and figured that when we were older, things would be different. Change from within right?kittens


When we got older, we suddenly became overly sensitive. We suddenly became politically respectable. Keep that word in mind…it’s another way of saying douchebag. So now, we’re not content with just living and treating each other according to the golden rule of treat others as you wish to be treated. Now, we have a whole set of rules. We can’t say this word, we can’t talk about that subject, we can’t, we can’t, we just can’t.

So instead of fixing the situation by making everybody equal, we have succeeded in putting people back on islands. And this is where it gets really stupid. Now, if I say I expect welfare recipients to be drug tested, I’m a racist. Notice, I didn’t say Black welfare recipients or Asian recipients…it just stands to reason that white people don’t use welfare. Which anybody can tell you, is complete and utter bullshit.

Within the penal system, again it goes to the use of my tax dollars. Why do I have to keep paying for murderers and rapists…of any color…to be incarcerated for life? Or career criminals for that matter. I’m sorry, but if they pull your file and it looks like a copy of War and Peace, I don’t think you need to be around in any society. My ideals changed due to economics. My economics to be more precise. Now that I needed to make money to keep a family alive, I was all to aware of taxes. Taxes that we as a whole, let get ridiculously out of hand. Stupid.

I have a saying I’m fond of. When asked how I feel about other races, I tell people that I’ve been screwed over, hurt and maligned quite a few times in my life. About 99% of the time, it was a white guy doing it. So, if I’m going to make generalizations based on isolated incidents, I’ll have to go with being prejudiced against whites.

But now that I’m on the working side of the payroll, I’m not so inclined to give my already taxed to death money away. I’m not against welfare, I’m against people using it to keep a drug users life going. I’m not against curbing police violence, I’m against you being stupid enough to antagonize them into being violent. I’ve been stopped by the cops a lot…I’m no angel so it wasn’t a Mr. Squeaky-Clean white man stop. I’ve been thrown against cars and walls but never lost my composure. If they say put both hands on your head, guess where my hands are? I’m not stupid enough to argue with an armed man or woman.

So, I’m blaming stupidity for the changes in my stand. Politicians get greedier and people just blindly follow them. Stupid. Racism is stronger than ever but people accept it as political correctness. Stupid. For all we fought for, nothing has changed except the outward appearances. If anything, things have gotten worse. Sure, we have a few good victories…women’s rights have improved, abortion issues have improved, religious issues are better…but there’s a good chance all those small victories will be gone tomorrow.

Because of stupidity.


So here’s the deal. You can’t change things with peaceful protest. You can’t change things with lawful assembly. You can’t change things with petitions, town hall meetings, letters to your congressman…you can’t change things. All you can change is yourself. Look at the world differently and hope that you’ll find enough people that see what you see. Keep true to your ideals and maybe someday they’ll be a reality for more than just you.

You don’t need rules and regulations to tell you how to behave with other people. What you need is morals. There are no differences among races other than the ones we allow to mark us. Same goes for religion, sex or sexual orientation.

Don’t sweat it if your ideals seem to have shifted. They might have, but mostly you’ve just had enough of the dumbed-down world around us.

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Rewriting: An Overview of the Process


“It is perfectly okay to write garbage—as long as you edit brilliantly.”

— C. J. Cherryh


The goal of the rewrite is simple, but not easy. You want your story to live. To accomplish this, it’s helpful to have a basic confidence in the arc of your heroine’s journey before getting more specific with character, dialogue, and the refinement of prose. You’re seeking to create a story that amuses and entertains, but also captures some complexity and truth about the human experience.

This is a daunting task because—be honest—there’s a bit of inflexibility in your relationship with your first draft. On the one hand, you fear that if it’s not told as precisely as you imagined it, it won’t work. On the other hand, it feels somewhat unsatisfying as written.

So the biggest challenge in the rewriting is being able to make a thousand little painful paper-cut changes while avoiding…

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Author Spotlight – Ed Ireland

Here’s an interview I had a bit of fun with. I decided to goof it up because hey!, the world is gloomy enough without having sticks up our asses all the time…

Timothy Bateson (ramblings of an author)

This week’s guest author is Ed Ireland, a self-confessed gaming addict, and a fun guy to interview. When I send these interview questions out to authors, I have no idea what’s going to come back, if anything. But Ed provided an entertaining set of responses, that I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading.

Introducing Ed Ireland

Ed Ireland was born in Philadelphia on September 29, 1954. In January of 1955, the hospital he was born in was torn down. Presumably, they didn’t want anything like that happening again. His adolescence was shaped in Catholic school where the proper use of the common language was the only thing that mattered to the short but strong nuns.

In 1972 he joined the military where his wanderlust surfaced. He has since called many places home such as Texas, California, Nevada, Colorado, Pennsylvania New Jersey, New York and North Carolina while on his way to his…

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Introducing an Exciting New Author

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