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Amazon Reviews…why?


March 29, 2017

Why do writers love an Amazon review?

5 reviews prove to the writer that people have actually read their work.

10 reviews and other readers believe that the book is worth a peek.

20 reviews and the writer now believes in their own work.

50 reviews and both the writer and the readers join up, go down the pub, and drink copious amounts of alcohol.

100 reviews and the magic flows. The dragons fly in the fan mail every day, the imps open it and deal with all the messages of adoration, and the elves organize the never ending party before promoting their own website called, ‘You call, we answer, we fly anywhere, anytime, 24/7.’

If you want the magic of words to captivate you, please leave a review for all your favorite authors.


Taken liberally from Rick Haynes, author and drabblist!

Check his site out @

In all honesty, reviews are so very important to a writer. No matter how good a book may be, without reviews it just sits there, eventually withering away. If you took the time to read a book, please take a few moments more and put in a review at Amazon. Those few moments might just be a deciding factor in the fate of that book.

Simply enter the book title at and put in your review. It doesn’t have to be elaborate. Any kind words will do. Sample; “I read Thisbook by Thatguy and I really liked it!” Done! Takes maybe a few seconds to write and it could bring a lifetime of joy to a writer. And on my part, even bad reviews are welcomed. You didn’t like the book? Tell me why and maybe I can fix it.

A review is simply put, a thank you to a writer for giving you a bit of pleasure. You tip doormen, waitresses and government officials…why not writers?

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