It’s Here!!!

Time has flown since I first signed with Snow Leopard Publishing. I put my book The Last Ranger of Sarn in with them. They were gracious enough to accept me and so it all began. I submitted the entire manuscript and it went to the editor.

Now, in my mind, my book was perfect. It was just a good marketing campaign away from being at least in the top five of the New York Times Best Seller list. I sat at home and began counting money before I even got my first edit back. That was about the time reality hit me, and it hit me hard.


I was pretty sure the lovely woman who started the edits was now looking for a hit man. I had so many red marks within the first 3 chapters that she ran out of ink by the 10th chapter (pretty hard to do on a computer) and she told me to follow her example and re-do the whole thing and then re-submit.

Thankfully, in those ten chapters, she showed me pretty much every mistake I had ever made since I did my first book report in grade school. I pushed the disbelief away and got to work, reworking my book from front to back. When it was done, it was a real book. It looked so much better and read so much easier.

It went back in and I turned my attention towards a new cover. I wracked my brains looking for the picture and thought I found it. I started using the picture for promo spots and got in trouble with the artist. I didn’t mean to use it without permission, but I did and had to scrap that image. I decided to look in the pay-per-picture sites and there it was.

After driving my publishers crazy by submitting at least 2 dozen looks, I finally settled on the cover. So, here it is in all its glory.

The Last Ranger of Sarn2E5

So much thought went into this design, from the front image to the rear and the short blurb there. Everything was designed and tested before any decisions were made. Nothing was left to chance on this.

The cover was previewed a few  minutes ago at the Brain To Books Cyber Con at the Goodreads site. It’s a massive book fair with worldwide submissions from writers and bloggers. Hundreds of them are bombarding the reading community with their wares and I’m no different. Besides the cover reveal, there’s going to be a trailer reveal at 10AM on the 9th and you’re all invited to see it. Just go to the Goodreads site at and join up.

Then, once you’re a member go to and join the group. That’s all there is. Follow the links provided and you’ll be whisked away to the Fairgrounds. Open the map, click on Fantasy and look for my booth, Epic Fantasy ~ The Journals of the Huntress ~ How much can one heart endure? and you’ll be front row for the trailer.

Now, if you don’t want to go through all of that, just visit my site at and click the links to see them. And be sure to visit!pre-orders/it36q to buy my book. It comes with a 5% discount, but if you put Ireland15 in the coupon area, you’ll get an additional 15% off. Best of all, you’ll get that 15% on any book they have. Hoping to see you all there.

Have a great weekend!


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