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The Daily Habits of Bibliophiles: Observations

Pretty acurate…

The Book Wars


The distribution of these omnivorous mammals does not discriminate between gender, sex, culture, race and geographical location. They pop up anywhere and everywhere (though there are larger concentrations near places like bookstores). One way to identify a bibliophile is by the book bags they carry or if you are lucky enough to gain an invitation into their inner sanctum (devilishly difficult to achieve), by the books you will find cluttering up all available surfaces. Sometimes, they will have more than one e-reader because one is full of books they cannot bear to delete. Another way to identify a bibliophile is to check their browser history (if you do not care about being taken as a stalker and having charges pressed against you by the law enforcement). Most bibliophiles lurk around sites such as Goodreads, Amazon, Bookoutlet, library websites. See the frequency with which they access the sites; peek into their…

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Windows 10…screw you!

OK, here we go. I made the mistake of upgrading to Windows 10. Of course, I did it in such a way that I can’t go back. Really, why not burn all the frigging bridges…


So I’m standing on the opposite shore and I’m cool. I have an upgrade and that has to be a good thing. But it’s not. Not by a goddamned longshot. It started almost right away. I’m there. in the middle of a really great death scene. I have every detail in my head, and I mean even shit as small and trivial as a mouse turd.

Suddenly, I’m staring at a black screen. The light was on next to me so it wasn’t a power outage. The comp light was on so the computer didn’t die. There was no burning smell that would suggest the motherboard exploded into flames.


What in the hell was it?

Then the screen lit up again. It started as if I had rebooted it. I tried to think if some premature bout with Alzheimer disease took hold of me and made me hit restart or some equally asinine thing. I couldn’t remember if it had but I reasoned that if it had, I wouldn’t know. I just chalked it up to a possible alien abduction. At any rate, the piece I was working on came back up, but by now my mind was off on another trail. That great scene was gone and would never come back.

OK, shit happens. Then it happened again. And again. And yet again. Finally, I had to see what was going on with this. After a few inquires,  I find out these are updates. Ahhh, updates. I can fix that. I’ll just explain to Windows that I don’t want automatic updates. There was a slight problem…there’s no place to do this.

I had to do research to find out how to shut the goddamned thing off, and guess what? It updated while I was looking it up!



I fully expected the comp to start talking to me! Stuff like; “I can’t allow you to deprogram me Dave” or “Try to go over my head about my program again and I’ll fuck you up Dave”.

I finally find out how to tell Windows 10 not to update automatically. Except you can’t. The best you can do is have it ask when you want it to update. I chose 3AM. Apparently, Windows 10 has no sense of humor because it started ignoring my 3AM choice and shutting down for updates whenever it damn well pleased anyway.

Does Bill Gates still own Microsoft? I need to know who I should extend my finger to. Not the one Lee J. Cobb is using in the picture above. It’s a different finger. Alternatively, I’ve toyed with the idea of sending a nice pile of Noob the Wonder Dog’s crap to Microsoft HQ in an unvented shoe box. My luck, it would be considered an act of terrorism and I’d have the FBI breaking down my door. Next thing you know, I’m in a federal penitentiary having to put the lotion in the basket before I get the hose again. Screw that!



But what are my alternatives? Well, I can throw my computer away and go buy a used one that doesn’t have Misery 10 installed. I can wipe the one I have now and try to find a copy of an earlier, more intelligent Windows. Not a very bright outlook.

It seems that all I can hope for is Microsoft to take pity and fix it so I can have my uninterrupted work back. If they were smart they would offer a $50. program that would fix the evil parts of Misery 10. From what I’ve heard, they would make a fortune. Then again, if they were smart they would fire the prick that thought this would be a good idea to program in. Then again, maybe if WE were smart, we would grab our torches and pitchforks and storm their castle. FORCE them to fix their shit!


In conclusion, allow me a moment to say what my heart truly feels;

Fuck you Bill! Fuck you for making Windows 10! If you didn’t make it, fuck you for selling it to the asshole that did!

Now I feel better. Not really but…


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A Warning!

This is a warning! I’m hopping mad and I need to vent. But I’m so mad, that I need to wait a day before I write it. I don’t want every other word to be an F-Bomb.

It has to do with Windows fucking 10.

Enough said for now.

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It’s Heeeerrrreeee!

This is one series you should follow…

The BiaLog

Hey guys! Today the third novella in my Winter Creek Trilogy, The Winter Creek Witch, is live on Amazon and Smashwords.

Blurb: The sins of the past have come to roost in Winter Creek.

After witnessing the rise of another monster, Jay is forced to face his fears and come to terms with treachery from an old friend. Only by embracing his past will he find the means to save those he loves.

In the end, family is forever.

The Winter Creek WitchExcerpt: A two-foot wide creek that fed into the river ran alongside his yard, separating his property from the wooded hillside. The creek was at its lowest point until the spring thaw, so there was a one-foot drop to the muddy rocks on either side of the water. Flat stones serving as steps were imbedded in the steep bank along the other side of the creek and led…

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Introducing… The Winter Creek Witch!

This is one great series for the mind and the covers are visual eye-candy!

The BiaLog

Good morning everyone!

The story behind The Winter Creek Trilogy is one I really never expected to reach fruition. It started as an idea to pit a bigfoot and werewolf against one another. That was it. Nothing more, nothing less. But it quickly grew into something more. I always tell people never to say never, and this is why.

The Winter Creek Beast was meant as a standalone story, but everyone wanted more. The problem for me was the muse wasn’t chirping in my ear, so I didn’t make any plans to continue the story. Of course, that’s when my muse started sharing ideas with me again.

Now, as I complete the trilogy and wait for The Winter Creek Witch to go live on March 15, 2016, I once more told people never to say never. Now, I’m not promising anything, but I do have a couple of ideas, so we’ll…

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