What’s Happening…

What a time to be alive…at least for me. Besides finding the recipe for bacon-wrapped pineapple stuffed with boneless pork ribs, there are so many things happening. First of all, I’ve gotten myself a big-boy website that I would love for all of you to go see. You can click here and be sure to sign up for the members area.

Lets start with the early spring, like March-ish. My book The Last Ranger of Sarn will be released. It starts the Journals of the Huntress series. It’s under the banner of Snow Leopard Publishing and it proves to be a contender. It’s got a bit of everything in it like an undead army, romance, tragedy, war… all set against a high fantasy backdrop. I’d love to show you the new cover for it, but that comes later…along with a new trailer. I’ll be posting those links here when they become available.


Then, in April it’s time for the 2nd annual Brain To Books Cyber Convention. If you saw last year’s cybercon, you know what a blast it is. There will be tons of freebies and giveaways, lots of authors set to chat about their books, the shape of the writing world, the weather and in some odd cases, what intimates they might be wearing. For those of you that have not been initiated, set foot in Angela’s Corner and get all the facts. By the way, Angela is the fantastic lady that sets all this up and a brilliant author to boot. Her website can be found here.


After that, I’ll be sitting down with my publishers and discussing when the second book of the series, Blood Moon Sacrifice should be released. I’ll be setting up the release of the first book of another story as well. That one is entitled Fire At Dawn and starts the trilogy of the Chronicles of the Free People.

For those that don’t know, all of my works have been self-published. There are eight books in all. Two of them are in the crime genre and one is a collection of short stories and poetry. In addition to all that is going on, I’ll be working on book three of the Huntress series, The Broken King. There is also a cookbook in the wings called The South Philly Smartass Guide To Good Food, another crime drama about narcissism taken to the extreme called Foremost Authority and maybe another short story compilation.

Finally, I expect a slew of interviews after the release of Last Ranger that will cap off in September when there will be a book club video interview conducted by the lovely Aurelia M. Casey. She’ll interview in early September and then she and her club will read and discuss the book in another video at the end of September.


So, as I have said, it’s a great time to be alive. Now, with the help of my wife and daughter, the four hooligan cats and Noob the Wonder Dog, hopefully I can stay alive until this wondrous year is over.


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