Q & A with Vespias


In my book, The Last Ranger of Sarn, soon to be published by Snow Leopard Publishing, a few characters expressed a desire to allow our world to get to know them better. They are;

Vespias Firstlight – The daughter of a simple hunter, chosen by destiny to enter a war against the most horrific army to walk the world. Her tenacity will have to be the difference in a world gone mad.

General Salaris Woodward – The steel mind of Castia’s military might, hides the fragile past that only the kindness of Vespias can heal.

Beloren’Thas Dawnwalker – The man captured by Vespias’ gentle nature and generous heart. He will follow her into hell if need be.

Ral’sid – The confidant and boisterous Warlord of the Junin. All her life, Vespias has known them as her enemy. Can this warrior change her mind?

These characters, along with Vespias’ family, are more than willing to answer your questions. Their answers may surprise you or even sadden you…but they’ll always leave you wanting to know more.

Go ahead, ask them anything…


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