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7 Signs a fantasy author is going crazy – a guest post from Charles E. Yallowitz

A perfect example of things for our better half to watch for…

Sue Vincent's Daily Echo

Charles has just released his new book, The Mercenary Prince… the latest in his popular Windemere fantasy series. I wonder how many of these he is relating from personal experience…?

collage windemere

A big thank you to Sue Vincent for allowing me to be a little silly and a little informative on her blog today. Being a fantasy author, I don’t spend all of my time in reality and the lines can blur from time to time. Are there signs that your fantasy writing friends are gradually losing their mind? Of course and they can be fairly amusing as long as you keep them away from sharp objects, short sticks, reptiles, anything flammable, and busy streets. So here are some signs and advice on how to help them . . . or just have fun at their expense.

1. If a fantasy author’s arms are moving like they are in the midst…

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