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Broken…If You Read Just One Book…

…then it has to be Broken by Angela B. Chrysler. What Angela has done here, was to just very simply open her soul to the world to see. Every little flaw, and every little good…all filleted and presented raw and uncensored. She also shows why everything in her life is the way it is.

Broken is not for the feint of heart. It’s not for those that get squeamish at the thought of people being mishandled, misused and maligned. It’s definitely not for children. It’s not even for young adults. It’s for people that seek to understand what it takes to break down a human being and the long, hard struggle to put that broken psyche back together again.


And Death it calls as the stone crow breaks. Streaks of blood malform its face.Death becomes its withered eyes and the shadows whisper, “Lies.”

When a young journalist, William D. Shaw, seeks out Elizabeth, an acclaimed author, in hopes to write her biography, the recluse grants him twenty-four hours to hear her story. What unfolds are events that teeter on the edge of macabre and a psychological thriller.

Together, they descend into the bowels of psyche and examine her past filled with neglect, rape, abuse, torture, and pedophilia to explore the psychology of a human being who has lived her entire life without love, comfort, family, physical contact, affection, therapy, or medication. As William tries to understand Elizabeth’s decisions to embrace an isolated life, he witnesses Elizabeth’s multiple mental conditions that send her spiraling into the worlds of her psyche all while toggling the lines of insanity.

From the Author:

Disassociation. I call it “Don Quixote Disease.” Sometimes you can’t escape the trauma, so your thoughts drift, allowing your mind to escape when your body can’t. You fashion a fictional realm or two and live there as an alternative to escape the horrors around you. I fashioned four realms. I miss my worlds, but am told I have to stay here in this realm now where you are. I am told I am safe now, but I don’t believe it. I’m still in the room with no doors, and the Death Men will find me. The Death Men will find me. And I’m chained to the floor. I am locked in the room with no doors.

I wrote Broken from 7 March to 20 March. During that time, I relived thirty years of trauma, and Broken records it all: the triggers, the hyperarousal, the breakdowns, and the panic. I explain the rationale behind my behavior and the thoughts I used to justify my behavior. I explore the multiple mental conditions that sent me spiraling into the multiple worlds of my psyche, all while toggling the lines of insanity

I show you the four worlds in my head where I lived for more than twenty years, as well as the four fictional characters I created in place of the human relationships I lacked. I record the conversations I have with my fictional friends and lovers as they took place.

Broken shows you what trauma is like for some survivors years later, and what it looks and feels like to emerge from the mental cocoon I lived in for thirty years. It shows the road I took to awareness while going down that road. It shows how I began my recovery.

– Angela B. Chrysler

Reviews of Broken are the kind every author would want to see. Here are just a few…

“Broken is powerful, vivid, and raw.”

“Chrysler has done the unthinkable, demonstrating the uncanny ability to capture what most would have no concept of understanding.”

“Poignant and brutally honest, Broken grasped me and didn’t let me go from the very first page.” – Stanislava D. Kohut

“Broken is worthy of a reward. It should be shared and read among professionals as well as anyone who aspires to be an advocate against child maltreatment, family violence, or societal mayhem.”

Stop by Angela’s web site at and have a look around. Or stop by her Facebook page today for the release party.  That’s a link to the Facebook press release page. Broken is available today for those who wish to jump right in. For others, stop in and say hello. Ask questions. I’m on my way there now…I’ll save a good seat for you.


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