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Alexandar Tomov

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Fast Fact

Alexandar Tomov (3)Author: Александър Томов  a.k.a. Alexandar Tomov, Jr.

Genre: Absurd, dystopia, fantasy, fiction, post-apocalyptic, grotesque, and drama.

Books: Beyond the Absurd

Goodreads Author Page


Alexander Tomov Jr. was born on June 3, 1982 in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria. He is freelance writer and film director who is looking for realization abroad. His work consists of short stories and short films. The author creates non standard points of view toward the world and the human existence. Some of his stories are hypotheses for the development of society and civilization and for the evolution of human nature in far future.
Alexandar Tomov (2)


Alexandar Tomov (1)“Beyond the Absurd” is book for everyone, who is interested about deep soul horizons and grotesque abyss of Absurd. This book contains very short stories in genres Absurd, dystopia, fantasy, fiction, post – apocalyptic and grotesque and drama. In my work there is strange viewpoint about human existence, imagination and mind. I try to describe absurdity of the world and life and also to find some deep, invisible connections in the flow of time.

Alexandar offers excerpts on his Goodreads Blog here

Beyond the Absurd on Goodreads

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