Conference Notes Pt. 1: Compelling Characters

I’ve always thought that great characters can save a mediocre plot…

Archer's Aim

I attended a local writing conference recently where a best-selling author of Amish romance taught a workshop about making characters compelling. Here are some highlights from her instruction which I found very interesting.

HammerCharacter Building

  • Building a character takes as much time as other elements like plot, setting and pacing so don’t rush through this process.
  • Characters are what readers remember most so pertinent details and actions leave the most impression.
  • However, much like a plot often needs a change from what is planned, a character may need a similar overhaul mid-way through a draft – if it’s a common occurrence with plot don’t be surprised or annoyed when it happens with a character.
  • Also, when building a character discover your own best way to uncover the essence of your character. Yes, a character interview may work well for some writers. However, you might try something else, like pretending to…

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