Crime Scene

So, a couple years ago I had an idea for a great story. Historical fiction. It was unique as far as characterization goes. My MC was an original, a culmination of so many people from my youth. The other characters, the protagonist, all of them came to life because of people I knew and it was frikkin’ magical.

Then, as I start to write, something in my brain drops. Like a washer slipped off somewhere and metal started grinding into metal. Next thing you know, there was smoke and sparks and something smelled bad. Really bad. I had intended my MC to speak the way I knew they would. Bad grammar, profanity…the whole nine yards. So, as I’m writing, I start writing his lines in the first person and still telling the story around him in third. I can live with that.


That was when my muse, Marisol Adoncia Bassave-Espellosa, stepped out for a smoke. She left me to my own devices. When she came back in, the damage had been done. Somewhere along the line, I thought “Why not have the protagonist speak his lines in first person too?” A dual first person story with a third person perspective! Oh hell, for sure this will get me the number 1 slot on the NY Times best seller list.

Of course, Marisol saw it and simply said “start over.”
“No way” I answered, “this is ingenious!”
“Ju mean inflammable” she shot back.
“You’re jealous because I thought of it without you!”
“Puta! Call me when ju cam to jour senses!”

And just like that she was gone. Didn’t matter, I had the touch. Made perfect sense to me, I knew which character was which and I was quite certain that any reader with half a brain would see it as well. Apparently I was wrong. I got reviews saying “His writing style is too weird” and “I don’t get it” and “Maybe if I had some of the drugs he was using, I would know WTF this all means!”

So Crime Scene has been on a bench in self published land for a couple of years now. Nobody looks at it. Then, the other day I see that someone has added it to their list of books to read. Jesus H. Christ, the nightmare is about to start again. But then it happened. Marisol Adoncia Bassave-Espellosa said “are ju ready to stops thees sheets and work right?”


She spoke so softly to me about redoing Crime Scene. She just wants me to succeed. She even offered to “cut off my cojones” so I wouldn’t make the same mistakes again. She wants to take away the distractions…at least that’s what she said cojones means. She should know, she’s Cuban.

So Crime Scene is getting a rewrite. A new look and feel. I still want the MC to speak directly to the readers, but the rest of the story will be third person. I think I have the perfect way to do it too. Well, Marisol does…


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