Why Do Parents Think They’re Doing Right For Their Kids?

So lets start the rantwagon and go for a spin. I really didn’t want this to sound like a when-I-was-young thing, but for all purposes, that’s exactly where it’s going. Let’s start with baseball. Little League. When I was a kid, if you stunk you didn’t play. It taught you to either learn to play better or find something else you were good at. Much the way real life works. If you perform poorly at work, you get fired. If you continue to seek work that you obviously can’t do you end up sleeping on a bench in the park.

Little boy cry Sporty

So, when he’s supposed to be learning how to adapt and overcome, we change the way it gets played. Now, when little Johnny wants to sit in the outfield with his glove on his foot, it’s OK. When he can’t field, hit or throw, it’s OK. Then later, when he’s 37 and sleeping in mommy and daddy’s basement, leeching their SSI because he can’t keep a job, we wonder what went wrong. Or when he gets bullied at school and can’t take it, runs home and gets daddy’s gun and shoots up his class, we wonder what went wrong.

Which brings us to violent behavior. Of course, modern parenting says it’s wrong to hit a child. It teaches them violence. They already get too much violence from TV, books and movies. Here it comes again. When I was a kid, we watched almost nothing but violence. We watched sailors beat the hell out of each other, we watched cats and mice trying to kill each other and probably the one that causes most modern parents to shudder, we watched three guys that pretty much slapped, kicked, punched, eye-poked and maimed each other throughout their set.


The difference back then was that our parents explained that cartoons and the Stooges and movies were all make believe. It was a fantasy world. Much different from the real world. You couldn’t do things like that. You had to respect people. We were taught to treat others as we wanted to be treated. Well, I can tell you that I didn’t want anybody to drag a saw across my head or shoot me in the ass, so I made sure I didn’t do those things to anybody else. And sunuvabitch, it worked! Nobody ever stabbed me, shot me or put my head in a vise clamp. Amazing how parental guidance worked.

Which brings us to the real problem today. Parents. So far, you don’t want to teach your children to be competitive and learn how to fit in and make things work. You don’t have the time to teach them the values of co-existance and how to differentiate between real and fantasy. Guess what else you do?


You don’t teach your children to respect anything. Not the world around them, other people or themselves. I hear them cursing their parents, being obnoxious and rude, whining and carrying on because they can’t have their way…it’s ridiculous at best and again, harmful for their future. When I was young, I was taught to respect cops. If they said sit down, you sat. I watch the news and see young adults arguing and fighting the cops and then screaming when they get tazed or shot. Cop said sit down 2 dozen times and he was wrong for putting them down?

No, you as a parent hold the blame. You didn’t teach respect. If I ever told my mother or father half the things I hear kids saying, I wouldn’t have been able to sit down for a month. Did that make me afraid of them? Absolutely not. It made me afraid of being stupid! Now, we all know stupidity is a trademark of youth, and it will happen no matter how careful the child is. But it’s OK, because we were also taught responsibility. You stand up and admit your mistake. Yeah, you might get grounded for a week, but better that than get caught in a lie and get a spanking on top of the grounding.

You all say you’re making a better world. I just don’t see how. What I see are several generations of little pussies that whine and sniffle if every block doesn’t fall exactly into the right space. I see people with no respect or regard to anybody or anything that come into access of guns. I see uncaring, thoughtless people coming into areas of politics and positions of authority over the population. If you see a better future from this, I wish to hell you’d show me where it is.


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